Which Machine Is Best For Ethanol Extraction?

Alcohol extraction is a process of removing fats, essential oils, and other chemical compounds from plants. These extractions are further used in a range of products like pharmaceuticals, beauty care, wine and other spirits, and food.

Ethanol, or ethyl alcohol (also known as grain alcohol) is becoming an increasingly popular choice among extractors. Known for its high solubility and capacity to produce highly potent extractions, this solvent is probably the quickest and safest option we’ve got so far.

If you’re considering to use ethanol in your extraction, you may want to look for the best ethanol extraction machine that makes the process most effective.

Choosing the best ethanol extraction machine depends on various factors such as:

  • Your budget
  • Need (small scale or large scale, personal or business)
  • The use of the final product

Keeping these in mind, here are a few viable options to consider for your ethanol extraction equipment.

Coldfinger Extraction

  • Origin: Eden Labs
  • Best Known For: Tinctures
  • Application: This extraction machine uses a little bit of solvent to create extracts excellent for making tinctures.

A perforated basket containing ground flower is suspended over the solvent. Solvent vapor is evenly distributed to fall over the basket by means of condensation, happening through a condenser that is designed above the basket. The solvent is then vaporized using heat, further liquidizing over the condenser by dripping through set points. Distillation takes place, separating the soluble components and the extraction through perforations that collect at the bottom.

Ethos 4

  • Origin: Capna Fabrication
  • Application: The best option there is so far, this extraction system effectively extracts ethanol in freezing temperatures. A low-pressure system, that is closed, this works well as cold ethanol extraction eliminates the need for dewaxing and winterization saving a lot of time. The result- a larger quantity of high quality extracts, produced in a safe, protected way.

Source Turbo

  • Origin: ExtractCraft
  • Best Known For: At-home extractions, personal use
  • Application: This system helps ethanol extraction in warmer conditions, by means of a heated chamber. It uses a more compact, do-it-yourself approach that is safe and mess free. The device itself is designed close-looped to ensure that the solvent and extracts are in one unit, while also safely dealing with the toxic fumes involved in the process. It is very versatile for a wide range of home uses.

Ethanol extraction is slowly proving to be the safest, quickest way to potent extractions, and choosing the best extraction machine with a little planning can help you yield some very satisfying results.

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