What Are the Causes of Alcohol Blackout?

At times when you have a lot of alcohol that results in memory loss, it is said to be an alcohol blackout. Sometimes it is even called alcohol-induced blackout or alcohol-induced amnesia. Blackout can be of two types, partial memory loss or complete memory loss.

Having blackout frequently is a sign of consuming alcohol and misusing alcohol. As the level of alcohol arises in the blood, your brain is enabled to form any new memory, even when you are very much awake and are interacting with the environment.

An alcohol addiction is not good, and you need to seek help to control it. Detox to rehab is a community where you can get treated for all kinds of addiction. They provide personalized treatment according to what is necessary for you and get a better life for you to have ahead.

What is a blackout?

Most of the people assume that a blackout is when a person drink more than what they can. Blackout can be anything like memory loss or fainting. There are a few reasons to get a blackout:

  • Brain getting damaged
  • Drinking more than capacity
  • Epilepsy
  • Lack of oxygen
  • Blood sugar level being low.
  • Abnormal heart or heart rate
  • Anxiety

What is the reason for alcohol blackout?

The reason behind getting an alcohol blackout is present in the brain’s inability to process normally and efficiently when you are under the influence of alcohol. When you drink over your capacity the brain does not work efficiently, and all the memories process start to get impaired. Mostly when you have a heavy drink, the problem is seen the most in encoding.

Get yourself into rehab as fast as possible to avoid the problem to get worst, seeking help is not a weakness so try and get over your addiction now.

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