The Many Effects of Protein on the Health of Your Hair

If you are currently having a bad hair day,then you are like thousands of other people out there that are experiencing the same thing as you. Our confidence is seriously affected regarding our hair and we need it to be thick, we want lots of it and we want the best quality we can achieve. Everyone’s hair grows a little every month and this is quite normal for those of us who eat a normal, healthy diet with all the right nutrients that the hair needs. Protein is always mentioned when it comes to hair care products and for good reason.

Hair and Protein

We need protein for all of our bodies, but it is particularly important when it comes to your hair. Keratin is needed for hair growth and if it is missing from your diet or you are just not eating enough of it, then you are going to be experiencing some hair loss and your hair can lose its brightness and it will become quite weak and brittle. This loss of protein will lead to your hair getting damaged which will affect your hair texture. Protein has been proven to actually affect the shape of your hair.Male hair loss treatment in Singapore involves a patented VE protein that helps both men and women address their hair problems.

The Use of Protein

A lot of hair care products have protein in them as it strengthens the shaft of the hair and adds shine. If you have fine hair, then the protein will help to make your hair healthier, but it won’t be able to thicken it. The products with protein added can be used to penetrate the shaft of your hair by using additional heat to help with deeper penetration. If you don’t use the additional heat needed, then the hair product will coat the surface of the hair, but not penetrate deep inside it which is what you require and need.

Internal Uses of Protein

It has been suggested and there is some evidence to suggest that it is true, that if you eat certain types of protein like whey, then it can be very good for your hair. Some improved hair condition was noted to take place when a study was done with one hundred participants involved. It was noted, however, that whey isolate, which is a whey protein with little fat, actually damaged the hair.

What to Do

It has been suggested that you need enough essential omega-3 fatty acids in order for your scalp to be able to really support healthy hair growth, and fish such as salmon are perfect for this. They are full of this fatty acid and for those of you who don’t like to eat fish, then you can ingest flaxseed to meet the protein requirement. There are lots of legumes out there like kidney beans that will go a long way to providing you with the necessary protein that you need. Other popular alternatives are chicken and of course, eggs.

It seems that the protein is therefore one of the very essential things that you need to keep a great head of hair. It makes sense then that it be included in various creams to address hair fallout.

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