The Difference Between a Cold-Press Juicer and A Fast Juicer

Juicing has been one of the current rising trends among health enthusiasts, owing to several health benefits. Due to the number of options available in the market, consumers usually get confused about the perfect choice for their needs.

Through this article, we have researched and put together information about the differences between slow juicers and fast juicers to help consumers choose the best juicer for their needs.

Benefits of Juicing

The main reason people juice is because of the health benefits juicing has. These health reasons include but are not limited to sparkling skin, weight loss, minimize stress, and better general well-being.

There are a lot of juicing diets on the market that can help detoxify the body by flushing out the toxins in the digestive tract. When these toxins are removed, people get improved digestion systems, restoring the body’s energy and clearing up different skin conditions.

Additionally, detoxification helps the body remove excess wastes in the stomach leading to reduced weight and bloating. The expected outcome is a body performing at its peak with increased energy.

Fast Juicers or Centrifugal Juicers

These types of juicers are the most common and readily available in the market today. They feature a fast-rotating centrifugal mesh that crushes down vegetables, fruits, and other greens to produce a large juice quantity for healthy and refreshing enjoyment.

Furthermore, fast juicers have an automatic pulp dumping system in different pulp bowls for quick and effective cleaning.

Advantages of Fast Juicers

The reason behind the popularity of centrifugal juicers is the fast juicing speed, production of a large quantity of juice by crushing the majority of fruit and vegetable cells, lower buying price, easy cleaning, and the ability to remove pulp for people who do not like fruit pulps.

The fact that it can juice a large amount of juice faster and efficiently allows the user to consume all the recommended daily vegetable and fruit rations in a quick and easy way.

Cold Press Juicers

Also known as slow juicers, this is a juicing trend. While they may be the new kid in town in juice making, cold press juicers are not as popular and available as fast juicers. This unpopularity can be attributed to slow juicing time, high cost of purchase, and low quantity of juice produced.

Since the cold press juicers break down more pulp, their nutrient content is slightly higher than fast juicers. Also, it does not produce a lot of heat owing to its slow operation. Generally, these juicers have more components which makes it hard to clean, with the cleaning works compensated for by the slightly high nutrient content and juice quality.

Advantages of Cold Press Juicers

Cold press juicers have more benefits that fast juicers cannot measure up to. Its major advantage is the ability to crush wheatgrass, leafy greens such as mints, sprouts, kales, and other edible herbs. The slouchy function helps extract all nutrients from the fruits and vegetable inputs.

There are claims that cold press juices provide high-quality juice because of pulp and the extra nutrients. Also, it does not produce much heat and is quieter than fast juicers.


Both cold press and fast juicers have a different set of advantages. For those trying juicing for the first time and looking for fewer barriers to making juices, fast juicers are the perfect fit.

However, for those who want to add leafy greens in their juices and are concerned with the quality regardless of the speed of production, cold press juicers fit them perfectly.

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