Reasons to Call your Car Accident Lawyer before the Insurance Company

If you are like most people, the first thing that comes to your mind after an accident is to call an insurance company – whether it’s your own or that of the other driver. But you’ll be surprised to learn that this isn’t the best move. In fact, according to experts, calling an accident attorney may help you get the best outcomes for your case in terms of recovering money for the damages.

You probably are wondering how retaining a legal counsel before talking to the insurance company will help. We asked attorney Christopher M. Placitella about this, and he offered three good reasons why victims should call their car accident lawyers first. Read on to find out.

Your lawyer has your best interest at heart

This might be a bitter pill to swallow, but insurance companies are never on your side. Their vested interest is in protecting their bottom line, and that includes safeguarding their finances and maintaining profits. So, while it’s possible that the insurers don’t act in bad faith, the fact remains that they will try to underpay, and in worst scenarios, not pay you at all. Often, they will be more doubtful towards your side of the story and will want you to dance to their tune to save money. Your lawyer is on the other end of the spectrum – he or she is interested in seeing you win the case (after all, they work on a contingency fee basis). So, they will fight, tooth and nail, against the insurance companies and their army of lawyers, to make sure you get adequately compensated for your damages. And if all else fails, the best lawyers will be glad to argue the case in a courtroom, before the jury.

Your lawyer will provide you with the best legal advice

After an accident, it is normal to feel confused, frustrated and overwhelmed. It’s also likely that you won’t know what to do or what steps to take to ensure you get compensation for the damages. But even so, the decisions that you make after an accident can either make or break your case. A lawyer will tell you what to do at the accident scene, what to say or do when you call your insurer and how to negotiate with other parties.

You lawyer will set the ball rolling

Finding a good lawyer – one who isn’t scared of taking your case to court is all you need. Keep in mind that although insurance companies try to hold back in compensating you for your damages, they wouldn’t want to go through the whole litigation process because they understand what’s at stake. Having a good lawyer by your side indicates the possibility of litigation, and may force the insurer to yield to your recovery demands. However, you should make sure that your lawyer is willing to battle it out in court. Otherwise, if insurance companies know that your attorney is scared of the courtroom, they may delay further or refuse to budge, because they have nothing to fear.

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