How Dental Implants Improve a Patient’s Look

Modern dental implants help patients retain their normal functionality of their dental and oral health like eating and speaking clearly. Also, they can help people look younger and gain back their confident smile. Here’s how implants from experienced and highly-skilled surgeons and dentists can significantly enhance your aesthetics, facial symmetry, and overall look.

How Dental Implants Work

Dental implants are effectively tooth replacements. They have titanium posts and dental crowns that look like natural teeth. The crown is attached to the implant in single-tooth replacements. But, implants may also be used to anchor several implants. As the implant infuses with the jawbone, it stabilises the bone and offers the stimulation that the natural teeth used to give. The implants are proven to be a long-term solution for missing teeth.

After losing teeth, the patient may also lose jawbone mass. While the bone dissolves and regenerates under normal conditions, stimulation through contact between the lower and upper teeth keeps bone disintegration and regeneration in balance. Dental implants offer such stimulation to the bone that helps in maintaining bone mass and dental support. Check out CRFI pour implants.

When Missing Teeth are Replaced

After a tooth loss, the bone which supports and surrounds the tooth no longer gets the stimulation it needs to regenerate, reducing its size and strength. This bone may reduce in width by up more than 20% in the first year after losing the tooth. Over time, such a bone loss accelerates, leading to sunken cheeks and lips. This makes the person look older than their age. Also, the bone loss can cause the gum tissue to reduce in size, impacting the person’s ability to chew food and speak properly. Fortunately, dental implants can prevent this and can help in restoring the patients’ normal facial look.

Implants vs Dentures

When it comes to preventing bone loss, dental implants are better than dentures. This is because dentures don’t prevent bone loss. Indeed, it may only exacerbate loss. Removable dentures tend to press on the gums, increasing bone loss as bite force is not transferred into the internal bone structure. Instead, the comprehensive nature of dentures can damage bone tissue. That is why they may fit poorly after being worn for a while. But, dental implants reduce or eliminate these issues.

Undoubtedly, having dental implants will help in restoring one’s look and smile. Plus, patients enjoy other benefits from the implants. As long as they get it from the right dental practitioner, the implant procedure will be safe and successful.

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