Check The Most Popular Massages Worth Trying At A Spa!

For anyone who has never visited a spa, the long list of massages and body treatments can be confusing. After all, which massage is the best? Should you consider a body wrap or a body scrub? Spas like offer all sorts of choices, and typically, it all starts with a body scrub, followed by a body wrap, and lastly, a massage. In this post, we are discussing everything you need to know about popular body massages.

  • Swedish Massage. The most common and popular body massage in the world! Most spas do have Swedish massage in their offerings, and it involves nice gentle strokes that induce relaxation and better blood circulation. Note that this is an oil-based massage and requires you to be nude (you can choose to wear an underwear) in front of the therapist.
  • Deep tissue massage. This is an extension of the Swedish massage, but often involves more pressure for reducing muscle tension. Note that deep tissue massage can be a tad painful to some people, but it’s very relaxing and you will actually enjoy the after-effect of the massage as much.
  • Therapeutic massage. This can be a tad confusing, but a therapeutic massage can be defined is a mix of different strokes but often with deeper strokes, so you can get considerable benefit of pain relief, as well.
  • Aromatherapy Massage. This could refer to a deep tissue or Swedish massage, where the massage oil includes some aromatherapy and essential goals. Besides the obvious benefits of a massage, this also enhances the mood and reduces body pain. Many spas rely on their own concoction or mix of oils.

  • Hot stone massage. Not many people have tried the hot stone massage but it can be very relaxing. The massage involves using smooth rounded stones, which are heated and placed on the back and other parts of the body. This process warms the muscles and the therapist will further use his/her strokes to induce relaxation.

Spa and wellness centers also offer sports massage, Balinese massage or a Thai spa, which are all different techniques. Thai spa, for instance, is a dry massage that works well for reducing body pain and requires active participation of the client. You can check online for the best rated massage centers and spas and take an appointment for a Swedish massage, to start your wellness journey. Always arrive on time for your session though.

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