5 Truck-Related Facebook Pages You Can Follow

Trucks have always been cool ‘toys’ in the eyes of men. But nowadays, even women share a same feeling of enthusiasm for these big vehicles. In the social media world today, there are so many venues for people who share the same interests to come together. Facebook is one of these excellent venues. The website showcases a lot of pages that truck lovers, drivers, and enthusiasts would want to follow.

Truck Drivers U.S.A.

Truck Drivers U.S.A is an online social club for all truck drivers in the United States. United States has the biggest trucking industry in the world and it is no surprise why a huge number of truckers are U.S. citizens. This page shows a lot of interesting photos as well as videos shared by U.S. truckers. It should be noted though that anyone, even if you are not in the U.S., can join this page and be part of the truck-loving community of more than eighty thousand. What’s more, regardless whether you are looking for trucks for sale in Alabama or Florida, you can always approach this community to find the best deals.

Truckers Paradise

Truckers Paradise is an online community for all the truckers out there. The page contains interesting, inspiring, and even funny photos of trucks from all over the world. Indeed, most of the photos are comical due to the added captions. Also a big number of photos are posted in the style of ‘memes.’ Thus, it is very entertaining the browse through the page. What made the page very much alive are the countless fans – most of them are presumably truckers, who post their own funny truck-related photos. The page even has an album for ‘selfies’ with trucks!


Trucker is the Facebook page of the magazine, Trucker. The page is in German and that is why the majority of its followers converse in the German language. Nevertheless, it has an abundance of truck-related photos as well as videos that even non-German speakers can enjoy. In fact, due to Facebook’s translation feature, the statuses that are posted in German can easily be translated to English. Trucker has gained more than two hundred thousand followers.

Truck Lovers

People who share the same interest in the big-engine vehicles can also follow the page, Truck Lovers. A majority of the features in its timeline consist of interesting photos of beautifully-painted trucks. Those who want to have ideas on how to paint their trucks can get a lot from the page. The page also features numerous photos of creatively-modified trucks. Followers are free to converse on the threads as well as post photos of their own trucks as well as comment on the photos of others.

Truck Daily

Truck Daily is one of the biggest truck-related Facebook pages with almost half a million followers. The goal of this page is to keep its followers updated with the latest trends in the trucking industry. That is why it is an ideal page for all those truck lovers out there. Aside from cool and interesting truck images, there are also featured videos from time to time. Videos feature interesting topics such as truck accidents, truck stunts, and compilations of clips from all over the world.

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